Jessica Alba wore this side swept updo featuring a side braid to the Oscar’s in 2008. Amazing how this can still look so chic. I’ll have to use this as inspiration for a bride or bridesmaid really soon.


This is what I imagine heaven looks like. Powdered sugar, fluffy marshmallows, minty white chocolate…I’ll stop. I could seriously dive into this wonderland any time of year. Seriously, throw in some pink cupcakes and pale yellow flowers and *poof* it’s springtime! Maybe remove all remnants of sugar plum fairies also. Here let me help you with that. This dessert setup and table top were created by Lollipop Events & Designs. Dreamy goodness… Thanks, Project Wedding.

These flower girl tutu dresses come from Etsy’s TuTu Cute Baby are completely adorable. I think flower girls are my favorite thing about weddings….with the exception of champagne. Flower girls may be the only people in the wedding having more fun and feeling more like a princess than the bride. Thanks Green Wedding Shoes.

Okay, I’m totally against wearing heels when it’s not necessary. Like when your feet are covered by a long, poofy wedding gown, but for these little cupcakes, I’d be willing to make an exception. I’ve had my eye on fun flats for my own upcoming nuptials. Mayhaps something blue?

Bottle opener + Corkscrew + Empty perfume vial + Flashlight + Key ring + Knife + Mirror + Nail file + Needle and thread + Pen + Pill box + Ruler + Safety pin + Scissors + Screwdriver + Tweezers = The coolest Bridesmaid gifts ever. From The Knot.

A bouquet made entirely out of vintage brooches. How completely original. I wonder if it was less expensive than having a florist arrange a bridal bouquet. I suppose if the brooches were found in thrift stores it could have been a steal. From Offbeat Bride.